More Local Forestry Species, More Happiness

  • With a passion of re-greening bare forests, CIRUM staff, LandNet members and villagers have started to build up a Local Forestry Nursery which is diversified with local timber species at Simacai Farmers Field School (FFS) in Nan San commune, Simacai district of Lao Cai province. The nursery has being developed nearly one year and it is time to plant. 

    Mr Thang, FFS Simacai Manager, is happy with local seedlings from the nursery
    (Photo on March 27, 2016)
    On March 27, 2016, it drizzled, we were so happy to use local forestry seedlings from our nursery to plant inside Simacai FFS Model with hopefulness to expand to other villages in Simacai district.
    The seedlings are local species and they are well grown by local forestry experts using local experiences. Their seeds were collected from traditional community forest of H’mong people in Lung Sui commune of Simacai district. Thus, we are confident that the seedlings are ready to be transplanted in Simacai district.  

    Ms Hoa, Director of CIRUM, and her newly transplanted “Lat” tree
    (Photo on March 27, 2016)

    Mr Thang, confidently said that “Establishment of this nursery is a foundation to disseminate lessons learnt for valuing local timber species”. He believes that having the nursery in Simacai FFS would offer valuable opportunities for young ethnic minority farmers to visit and learning skills on making nursery and practice at their forest gardens.

    Mr Thang expresses his happy face when having his tree planted
    (Photo on March 27, 2016)
    We expect that our pilot model is encouraging local villagers for re-forestation and forest enrichment using local forestry species for biodiversity enhancement.