More good news from Red Dao Herbal Bath Service in Sai Duan village

  • On the occasion of a formal announcement of the district decision on establishment and operation of the model of community security and self-governance on October 13, 2020, the Red Dao Herbal Bath Service team in Sai Duan village welcomed 100 delegates who are officers from provincial, district, communal levels and the village representatives. On this occasion, the service team attracted more than 20 guests who registered to use Red Dao herbal bath service. Accordingly, the customers highly appreciated the quality of the Red Dao bath service.

    Performance of the Sai Duan community service team


    From 2018, CIRUM has provided advice and support to the development model in Sai Duan in order to preserve the Red Dao ethnic identity, to maintain, protect and develop the available medicinal plants under the community forest canopy. Along with the support of the local government, the villagers have joined together to contribute to building facilities for the service team to operate.

    Local materials are used for the community service area


    The service team members have creatively prioritized the use of local materials to decorate the service spaces and to make items such as tables, chairs and bamboo drinking cups. This is also a way to introduce local products, traditional craftsmanship and skills of local people.


    Visitors coming from CARE International in Laos visited Sai Duan in November 2019



    From 2019 to October 2020, the Sa Duan service team welcomed 30 visiting groups with more than 500 turns of visitors. Most of the visitors coming here are local officials and people in Lao Cai province.


    Paddy rice terraces become favorite sites for visitors

    In addition to domestic guests, some guests from Australia and Laos came to Sai Duan. They had time to relax at the service space, to exchange music and dance performance, visit the local landscape, terraced rice fields, forests and get experiences in cultivation of Amomum longiligulare under the forest canopy.

    (News and the first two  updated photos were provided by Mr. Chao A Phin, an officer of Phin Ngan commune).