CIRUM hosted Gender Workshop for community leaders

  • On Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 December CIRUM hosted a gender workshop in Hanoi. The workshop was to bring together community leaders from provinces that CIRUM work in to spend two days discussing gender.  Activities where conducted that explored how men and women interact with each other, what tasks women and men do, how decisions were made and the involvement of women and men in forest use and management. There was a diverse group of participants, with leaders from 5 different provinces, 5 ethnic groups, equal amount of women and men, old and young. This allowed for diverse discussion on an at times sensitive topic.
    The workshop was a combination of gender training and an opportunity for people to come together to discuss the reality of life for men and women in their communities. Cultural stereotypes and custom were a topic that was heavily discussed as different ethnic minorities shared their different traditions that include or exclude women and men. There were stories of how culture has evolved and how certain practices which promote gender inequality have been challenged and changed by strong women and men in certain communities. 
    At the conclusion of the workshop it was clear that people believed in gender equality and wanted to see change happen. Participants identified areas that women where less involved, such as decision making at a community and household level. An explanation for this was the time that women spend on household work as well as work in the forest. Suggested solution to this problem was the increased participation of men in household work.
    Participants finished the workshop by expressing what they can do personally to assist with bringing about gender equality. Many said they would share with family and friends the information that they gained from the workshops and think about how they can make changes to support each other.
    It is hoped that CIRUM will be able to conduct more of these sessions in the future with community leaders and members.  
    Workshop participants and facilitators