On May 31st 2016, CIRUM, LandNet in collaboration with Lao Cai Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations (PUSTA) to co-organize a local forum on “Roles of community forest in Lao Cai ethnic minority people’s lives: Opportunity and Challenges” in Simacai District, Lao Cai. The forum gathered representatives from five communes of Simacai district, including Ban Me ...
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In 2013, Local authorities in Huu Lung district  Lang Son province with the supports of CIRUM as a small pilot project in lobbying, have succeeded in withdrawing 59.6 ha of forest land from Dong Bac Forestry Company to reallocate to Ho Muoi  villagers promising re-forestation and regeneration for natural forest with diversified local timber species. A Forest Land Allocation Program (FLAP) has been done for households and ...
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 “Forest means everything to us” Ms. Ho Thi Con, Van Kieu ethnic from Quang Binh said when she first spoke at the Advisory Meeting for guiding procedures and steps for forest allocation and forest lease to household, community and organization which was led by Landnet on April 13, 2016 under support of CIRUM. She stated a real situation in which her villagers have been lacking of forest land for years.
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Seminar on Inadequacies and shortcomings in policies and practice of FLA
07-15-2014 - 07:07:38
Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) in Simacai, Lao Cai - Vietnam
05-14-2014 - 08:05:28
Kon Tum authorities visited community based forest management in Luang Prabang, Laos
12-16-2013 - 05:12:30
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