Established in April 2013, LandNet advocates for the land rights of forest peoples in Vietnam and the Mekong region. 
LandNet members are comprised of ethnic minority farmers living in upland areas, local commune and district leaders, as well as NGOs, technical experts, community development researchers and other interested individuals.
LandNet’s activities follow the principles of equality, volunteerism, democracy, cooperation and unification. 
LandNet focuses on advisory activities, supporting ethnic minority communities with sustainable solutions for the rights to management and use of land and forest resources. Our activities benefit ethnic minority communities in Vietnam uplands and the Mekong sub-region. LandNet's mandates are:
  • To pursue community-based approaches to resource use and management
  • To develop sustainable management and use of natural resources based on the results of 20-years’ work by LISO alliance on community development
The decision makers of LandNet are local people, not NGOs or technical experts. The goals and development activities of LandNet are decided by the priorities and contributions of the ethnic minority communities it serves.
When the farmers own the forests

When the farmers own the forests

At the end of 2017, nearly 600 ha of forest land was allocated to farmers in Dak Chum and Tu Mo Rong villages. These were people living under the poverty line – on their situation is much improved. The forest is kept safe under their control, while the people themselves have made very good progress with growing Vietnamese ginseng ...

The role and significance of village and community forest in ethnic minority communities in Vietnam

In the long historical development of Vietnam, the village, which is referred to in different ethnic minority languages as làng, bản, thôn, buôn, bon, ...


Outputs of Seminar on Inadequacies and shortcomings in policies and practice of forest and forestland allocation and post- allocation

In preparation for the review/assessment of forest and forestland allocation policy under the Letter 2734/BNN-TCLN dated on August 15, 2013, Vietnam Administration of Forestry ...


Ideological recommendation for improvement of draft Land Law 2013

Renovation of thinking, understanding and perception of legislators of Land Law is prerequisite for sustainable development of Vietnam. National holistic land zoning and planning MUST ...