Established in April 2013, LandNet advocates for the land rights of forest peoples in Vietnam and the Mekong region. 
LandNet members are comprised of ethnic minority farmers living in upland areas, local commune and district leaders, as well as NGOs, technical experts, community development researchers and other interested individuals.
LandNet’s activities follow the principles of equality, volunteerism, democracy, cooperation and unification. 
LandNet focuses on advisory activities, supporting ethnic minority communities with sustainable solutions for the rights to management and use of land and forest resources. Our activities benefit ethnic minority communities in Vietnam uplands and the Mekong sub-region. LandNet's mandates are:
  • To pursue community-based approaches to resource use and management
  • To develop sustainable management and use of natural resources based on the results of 20-years’ work by LISO alliance on community development
The decision makers of LandNet are local people, not NGOs or technical experts. The goals and development activities of LandNet  are decided by the priorities and contributions of the ethnic minority communities it serves.
Amomum longiligulare – a sustainable livelihood model

Amomum longiligulare – a sustainable livelihood model

Ba Rgoc commune’s new plantation of Sa nhân tím (Amomum longiligulare) is growing well in Chu Mom Ray forest, and hopefully will bear fruit in the ...

A pioneer strategy in implementing the new 2017 Forest Law

2017’s changes to the Forest Law recognised of ethnic minority communities as forest owners that was absent ...


Eight ethnic groups discuss on Forestry Law 2017

The workshop on Forestry Law 2017 is organized by CIRUM, CARE and LandNet, funded by EU on May 4, 2018 in Cua Lo town, Nghe An province. There were more than 50 participants, including ...


Evaluation on the project managed by Van Kieu women in Khe Cat village, Truong Son commune, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province

The evaluation of the project on "Raising income and empowering Van Kieu ethnic women” was held at the Cultural House of Khe Cat village, Truong Son Commune, Quang Ninh District, ...


Long-term land use right certificates have been granted to the H'mong communities in Cao Son commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province

On March 29, 2018, the assessment of Forest Land Allocation and grant of Land Use Right Certificates to communities was held at the meeting hall of Cao Son Commune People's Committee, ...


A sustainable income source and humanistic spirit of Van Kieu ethnic women in Khe Cat village

The project for conservation and promotion of Đót (Thysanolaena latifolia) for Van Kieu ethnic women in Khe Cat village does not only promisingly bring a bumper harvest, but also ...


Resolving conflicts in forestland allocation in Den Sang commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province

The Dao people in Den Sang Commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province have been managing village community forests for hundreds of years. By 2007, the state program for land allocation ...