After the disbandment of a state forestry company in Kon Tum province in 2016, all forestland zone of this company was transferred to a management board (MB) for protection forest in the province. There are areas traditionally used by the community for generations among the mentioned transferred forestland, which include watershed or cemetery. ...
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CIRUM has cooperated with the department of Labour, Invalid and Social Affair of Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai province to assess the needs for vocational training on agro-forestry, husbandry and veterinary of the ethnic minority youths in the 13 communes during 26 to 30 December 2016. CIRUM, the Lao Cai provincial Vocational College and the Si Ma Cai district People’s Committee will use the results of the assessment in order to design suitable training contents for the youths. ...
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On 29 December 2016, the Quế Phong district People’s Committee of the Nghệ An province enacted Decision 1246/QD-UBND on land and forest allocation, which grants 285.4 hectares of land to the communities of Na Chảo, Tục and Pang villages in Đồng Văn commune for a use term of 50 years. This decision does not only a joyful event for the mentioned communities, but also for the authorities of Đồng Văn commune, because this shows a clear result of land and forest allocation in the area. ...
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Seminar on Inadequacies and shortcomings in policies and practice of FLA
07-15-2014 - 02:07:38
Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) in Simacai, Lao Cai - Vietnam
05-14-2014 - 03:05:28
Kon Tum authorities visited community based forest management in Luang Prabang, Laos
12-16-2013 - 12:12:30
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