Dzao people transform their lives

Date: 06/04/2014

6 years after a land allocation program supported by CIRUM, the Dzao people of Bac Lang have transformed their lives. Hard work re-afforesting their land with acacia has paid off, with improved or new housing visible in the village. ...


Sacred Forest and Watershed Forest of Ka Bay village now in safe hands

Date: 26/03/2014

Old A Xinh just smiled and smiled without saying a word when some journalists wanted to interview him on his feeling of receiving the Certificate of Forestland Management and Use Right of Ka Bay Village. It’s December 4th, 2013, and now A Xinh, his descendants, and ...


After 30 years, Dong Thang Commune's forest and forestland have rightful owners

Date: 18/03/2014

Its 30 years since the Secretariat of the Central Communist Party issued their directive "to make every land area, every forest, every hill have a rightful owner". On December 24th, 2013, 6 villages and 112 households of the rural villages of Pac Cooc, Pac Dau, ...


Na Tang people rebel illegal loggers

Date: 03/03/2014

It was a cold January night, the north wind whistled continuously through the cracks in the old door. Breaking the mood the phone rang. A person on the other end spoke urgently - please come immediately, Khuoi Quay forest in Na Tang village is being destroyed. The voice had such burning ...


Que Phong - Nghe An: Affirming the sovereignty of Thai people over the land and forest of Hanh Dich

Date: 02/03/2014

In the afternoon of December 24th, 2013, at the Hall of the People's Committee of Hanh Dich Commune, Que Phong District, Nghe An Province, the Natural Resources and Environment Committee Division (NRE) in coordination with the People's Committee of Hanh Dich Commune, ...


Commune and District authorities help locals in Ho Muoi rejuvenate their natural forest

Date: 27/02/2014

Four years has passed since a community land allocation pilot program and forest biodiversity management and sustainable use scheme was started in Ho Muoi village (Minh Son commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province). The programme, consulted and supported by CIRUM, is highly appreciated ...


The thirty steps of supervising and recovering land for the indigenous and ethnic minority people in Vietnam and Lao by SPERI methodologies

Date: 23/10/2013

Over nearly 20 years ago, SPERI and its LISO alliance has been engaging on forest and land right issues via case studies in different indigenous ethnic minority communities in watershed areas of Vietnam and Laos. By such practical evdident, SPERI developed its community based forestland ...


Community action forces Que Phong Rubber Enterprise off illegally encroached Thai Ethnic Minority Community Forest Land

Date: 04/10/2013

On August 12, 2013, after much lobbying by the local community of Pom Om village, Quế Phong District People’s Committee issued a directive removing the illegally encroaching Quế Phong Rubber Enterprise off community lands, fined them for their actions, and reminded them ...