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Community Herbal Forest Conservation Area is well managed by the villagers

  • On the 21st February 2009, as regulated, Khe Vap village leader (Bac Lang commune, Dinh Lap district, Lang Son province) together with his villagers (17 household members) go to the “Community Herbal Forest Conservation Area” for forest tending and learning as a “Village Movement”.

    In 2007, Bac Lang People’s Committee has assigned Quan Thang Forest as community herbal forest conservation area to Local Healers’ Assocation for management and protection. As agreement, once per year, from early morning, the whole villagers (women, men, girls, boys, village leaders, local healers) gathered at the cross-road to go to the herbal forest for forest tending. They made the clearer border/ways for easy to go; and during doing, they are trained herbal plants by the old healers (learning process) so that they are learnt and not destroyed forest. This activity is to make sure that the herbal forest has been well protected and managed in a practical way, meaning that on this occasion, the villagers, especially the young are trained and learnt local regulation/customary law in forest management and protection. This is also a very good chance to trans-generations for the herbal knowledge.

    After 5 hours practice, all participants gathered again to have lessons learnt and sharing herbal experiences among local healers and villagers for well protected and development!