Updating the Forest Land Allocation Program in Dong Van commune, Que Phong district, Nghe An

  • Over the past week, CIRUM has conducted land allocation programs in three villages of the Dong Van commune, in Que Phong district, Nghe An. The three villages were Na Chao, Tuc, and Pang. The Forest land Allocation Program (FLAP) aims to involve members of the district forest land allocation team, the commune team, and local communities. Forest land allocation team members at the district level include technical staff, district forest rangers, and members of the department of natural resources and environment. At the commune level, the team includes vice commune leaders and members of the forestry department and the land management departments. 
    CIRUM facilitated communications between team members and the local communities to ensure the success of the FLAP implementation. The program included 1-day training sessions for local communities, and for local forest land allocation teams.

    Women join in the land allocation team/Photo: CIRUM
    Land allocation teams were established in each village, and applications for FLAP participation were sent to local authorities. Regular meetings between villages to consult on the progress of the FLAP applications were arranged. One part of this process is the assessment of land boundaries and the determination of landmarks within villages. So far, this process has been completed for Na Chao village, with plans to complete assessments of Tuc and Pang in the near future.

    Land allocation team use trees as landmark for forest boundaries/Photo: CIRUM
    Local communities plan to arrange forest land allocation contracts with the Que Phong district land use office, with the end result of 295 hectares of land allocation between the three villages.