Launching Ceremony of Local Forestry Planting Festival in Ho Muoi village, Lang Son Province

  • On 15th February 2016, the Launching Ceremony of Local Forestry Planting Festival on the occasion of Trational Tet Holiday was held by Huu Lung District People Committee (DPC) in coordination with LandNet and CIRUM in Ho Muoi village, Minh Son commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province. This is one among many activities implemented to follow a newly issued Resolution no 04/2015/NQ-HDND dated 18 Dec 2015 by Huu Lung People Council for bio-diversified system by planting local forestry trees instead of mono eucalyptus plantations 

    Participants attended the Ceremony are representatives from Huu Lung Agriculture and Rural Development Office, Huu Lung People’s Council, People’s Committee, authorities of Minh Son commune, LandNet and CIRUM, especially villagers in Ho Muoi village. 

    Mr. Hoang Van Hung, Vice Chairman of Huu Lung District People’s Committee, opens speech addressing long-term and practical benefits of local forestry planting for local people, their family and people in the region. 

    1000 seedlings of two star pine (Araucaria heterophylla), 200 Erythrophleum fordii, 400 copperpod (Peltophorum pterocarpum), 400Chukrasia tabularis , 50 Canarium tramdenum and 50 Dracontomelon duperreanum have been prepared by LandNet members to plant right afterwards. 

    Mr. Luong Xuan Binh, Deputy Head of Agriculture Office of Huu Lung DPC is sharing practical experience on how to plant seedling to make sure they are technically planted for well growing. 

    Mr. Long Van Son, Chairman of Huu Lung District People’s Committee (the 2nd left), Mr. Hoang Van Hung, Vice Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Van Su (first left) and other local leaders are planting local timber trees at Community Cultural House for memory

    Villagers in Ho Muoi and LandNet members, especially women, together with other representatives, are willing and happy to involve in planting trees on the community forest land for bio-diverstiy and water source.

    In 2015, 1800 ha of new forestry trees has been planted to make the forest coverage up to 55%.

    Huu Lung DPC is planning to expand another 1500 ha of local forestry trees with the hope that the forest coverage will be up to 55.5% in 2016

    Ms.Vi Thi Lien, Nung ethnic women, LandNet member in Ho Muoi village said: “Planting trees on Tet holiday is a very meaningful activity, as it is not only protecting environments, but also brings practical benefits to the community living in this region”. 

    Huu Lung Land Use Planning has been developing mono industrial plantation (eucalyptus) for many years. However, over the last years, local authorities and villagers have realized terrible harm caused by eucalyptus which is making soil erosion, depleted biodiversity, dried water source, and long lasting drought. Thus, local authorities have actively collaborated with LandNet, villagers, and CIRUM to organize different activities for recovering natural forest by planting local forestry trees. This is a success done by LandNet in Huu Lung.