• Your participation, contribution and commitment in the Forest Peoples Land Rights Network (LandNet) will greatly contribute to nurture and develop harmoniously our forest and land resources; thereby ensuring livelihood security of local minority communities in watershed areas of the Mekong Sub-Great Region.

    All forests have their origins and histories, where are the birthplace for the ecological - socio- cultural - economic values of our planet. Every human, group and indigenous ethnic minority community that LandNet is engaging with have specific identities. Such components and creatures have joined to form a perfect system of Human Ecology  to save, protect and nurture each of us and the planet as a whole. This Human Ecology System is in the moment of rapid change due to external challenges. So, LandNet and its partners desire your participation, with the contribution, commitment and join-hands can help to make LandNet's vision to become true; in which our Human Ecology System where indigenous ethnic minorities live will be longevity with the time.

    Please contact us to become a full and active member in LandNet.

    Download for
    Registration Form to Be a Member of the Forest Peoples Land Rights Network - LandNet

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