Livelihood Sovereinty Alliance

  • LUPAPA is a strategic initiative of an interactive network of key-famers, traditional and formal community leaders, activists, researchers, media and open-minded policy makers making up the Mekong Ethnic Minority Community Networking towards Ecological Trading (MECO-ECOTRA). This strategy is supported by the Livelihood Sovereignty Alliance (LISO) which incorporates Social Policy Ecology Research Institute (SPERI), Consultancy on Development Institute (CODE) and Culture Identity and Resource Use Management (CIRUM).

    It acts for local people, particularly indigenous minorities within the Mekong watershed area via “Participatory Action Research and Land Policy Analysis” in defence of security and equality in social, economic and political rights over natural resources.

    LUPAPA wishes to contribute to case studies and forums on local institutional customs of land use planning, and sustainable natural resource management for policy advocacy and lobbying.

    For the period from 2010 to 2020, LISO will professionally focus on the strategy regarding community rights of indigenous ethnic minorities via The Forest Peoples Land Rights Network (LandNet). LandNet is legally supported and adivsed by Culture Identity and Resource Use Management (CIRUM).
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