LandNet Secretariat

  • Secretary Group (SEG) is a unit to support the Network General Secretary. The General Secretary is introduced and admitted by members / representative  Congress. Secretary Group is introduced by General Secretary and approved by the RFC. the General Secretary is responsible for the activities of the SEG and carries out  other tasks assigned by the RFC. The General Secretary provides the overall management and directly mobilizes financial resources, manages financing, supports essential needs of the Network. The General Secretary is assisted by secretary members and professional experts, and to develop and maintain relations with inside and outside partners of the Network.

    Primary tasks of the SEG
    • Advise in building strategies and activities plans, suggest adjustments which shall be determined by the RFC;
    • Monitor, promote the implementation of  Network activities;
    • Summarize, analyze and draft annual report on results of the Network;
    • Organize office activities to meet the needs of the Network.
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